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Our terrain is EMERGENCE,
the fertile space where ideas come to life.

Bold. Imaginative. Different.

We launch your ideas into the world.

Here at Making Ideas Visible we are idea alchemists and we do things differently to deliver extraordinary results. We believe in the creative possibility that exists when you bring people together to create something new, solve an age-old problem or re-imagine your world.

We are inspired by people like you– innovative thinkers, visionary leaders, creators and collaborators willing to try new ways of thinking and doing to make the world a better place.

As graphic facilitators, we’re visual thinkers with backgrounds in business, strategy and organizational development. Our terrain is EMERGENCE and imagination, the fertile space where ideas come to life. We have a keen understanding of how collective intelligence can be harnessed through evocative conversation and brought to life in large scale visualizations.

Whether you’ve got a meeting, conference, project, event, or story to tell, we can help you think differently and launch your brilliant ideas into the world.

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What We Do

Graphic facilitation is our signature service–what we’re known for. But it’s not the only thing we do.  What we do can be applied in so many different ways because it’s all about visual thinking–thinking differently– so that you can innovate, collaborate, manage conflict, plan for change, align, envision and get things done.

Visual Notetaking

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Client Journey Mapping

Strategic Planning

Visual Thinking

In-House Training

Visual Translation

Corporate Graffiti Art

Individual Coaching

Client Stories

Some of Our Fabulous  Clients

Graphic facilitator drawing cartoon faces with various expressions on a whiteboard

Volvo Mack Truck + IdeaSpace

The in-house training team at Volvo Mack Truck wanted to increase their creative and visual impact in the trainings they design and deliver. “Help us unleash our creativity” With IdeaSpace we created a two-day immersive learning experience to build their capacity around visual and design thinking, powerfully amp-ing up their creative wattage and value to the company.

United Negro College Fund + Canvas

When the United Negro College Fund brought together 30 HBCU’s to design robust career pathway programs for their individual institutions, we designed and facilitated the 3-day meeting along with producing 30 large-scale visual maps and templates beforehand. While on site, we created a 24-foot Idea Wall to capture insights in additional to live graphic recording during the sessions. All total we produced 368+ feet of visual maps for UNCF.

Three individuals reviewing a large whiteboard with graphics and multi-colored sticky notes

McPherson Redevelopment Authority + Strategy Unplugged

McPherson had to move quickly from years of planning to action after a historic deal was inked to create a movie studio on part of the property pf a decommissioned Army fort. We designed & facilitated a Strategy Unplugged intervention to guide them to clear vision and alignment on where to focus, enabling bold steps forward to create economic development for a community.

GE + IdeaSpace

A desire to build visual mapping skills as a group to communicate ideas powerfully and clearly led a cyber security team at GE to have us deliver an IdeaSpace workshop. After a quick injection of fundamentals and some practice, they created a visual toolbox to quickly convey their ideas. While on-site we also drew GE’s new “beliefs” on their walls so that it became a lively part of the work space.

Individuals working on adding graphics and text to a mapped-out idea structure on a large whiteboard

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“I’m still blown away by the paparazzi snapping pictures of your work.  Everyone at the conference loved it. It was a huge hit.I haven’t worked withsomeone of your skill before. You have so much flexibility, a great sense ofhumor and you know how to adapt to a situation.”

— Joel Mills | American Institute of Architects | aia.org

“Your contribution was a great differentiator for us and created buzz for the Alliant Energy team around their corporate headquarters – something they acknowledged in the closing dialogue we had with them.”

— Michael Boyd | Accenture | Accenture.com

“I have been to Friendship Circle seminars in the past. Julie’s presentation and coordination was most creative, as well  as entertaining. I have walked away with lots of food for thought as well as concrete information.”

— Cheya Marozou | Friendship Circle Montreal | friendshipcircle.ca

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Here at Making Ideas Visible, we are inspired by people like you-- innovative thinkers, visionary leaders, creators and collaborators.

If you’ve got a meeting, conference, project, event or story to tell, we can help you think differently and launch your brilliant ideas into the world.

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