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Need a strategic intervention and a Road Map?

You’ve got a big idea you’ve been churning on for ages but can’t get it moving. It might be a challenging project, a new direction in your life, or the next big step for your business – and you’re stuck.

Where creative people get stuck #1: Too many ideas. You are an idea-generating machine. You see endless possibilities but struggle to get them down on paper, organize them, and make an action plan.
Excerpt from a larger graphic with text sorting, organizing, and charting several creative ideas and plans
Excerpt from a larger visual design with text and graphics created by Julie Stuart and Making Ideas Visible
Where creative people get stuck #2: Lists don't work. Lists are okay for today's to-dos, but when you're looking at a big idea - like writing a book or developing products or planning the next three months of our business - a list can't capture the whole landscape and the details in an inspiring way. And it definitely can't show the dynamic connections between everything that's going on underneath the surface.

 You need a strategic intervention and a road map forward.


Number one
I am a strategic coach with markers. We’ll meet on the phone (or in person if possible) and talk about your big idea. I’ll ask questions, guide your exploration and lead you through a brilliant process of creation.
While we’re talking, I create a large (4x8 feet) visual map, capturing our conversation, visualizing your idea, project or dream so you can see it clearly.
Number two
Number three
We’ll figure out how to get you there both literally (as in detailed action steps) and energetically (moving the stuck energy keeping you from doing your cool thing).

A La Carte

You can purchase any of these a la carte:

A 90-minute session to map out the work and create a roadmap. ($500) If you decide afterward to buy the 90 minutes to 90 days package your $500 will be deducted from the price.

Monthly coaching – Four hours a month: $1200

Monthly coaching – Two hours a month: $750

Half day strategy session: $1200

What are you waiting for? That idea of yours wants to come to life, it just needs a little help. I’m here for you.

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