When you need to see what you mean and
how all the parts fit together to drive toward action.

We believe in the deep, transformational possibility that exists when you bring a group of people together to create something new. And we have a powerful tool, graphic facilitation, which brings creative energy and focus to your meeting.

As graphic facilitators, we’re visual thinkers with backgrounds in business, marketing and organizational development—so we love initiating rich, evocative conversations and channeling them into vivid, technicolor mind

Our visual maps bring your ideas, meetings and events to life in a way that words alone never can.

Graphic facilitation is the kind of thing that's hard to imagine until you see it in action, and afterwards it's hard to imagine your meetings without it. Actions speak louder than words - well, images do, too. 80% of us are visual learners. And visual aids have been shown to improve group learning by up to 400 percent.
Film crew recording footage of a graphic facilitation map
Graphic facilitation meeting attendees capturing work output with cell phone cameras
In every meeting, conference, or workshop we've been involved with, people are always blown away by how interesting, integral, and valuable graphic facilitation actually is. You will be, too.


A key component of any successful brainstorming session is a visual depiction of the ideas explored that can be referred back to well after your meeting is over, especially when concepts are zinging.

By depicting the challenges, opportunities and ideas discussed visually, we encourage engagement and offer participants a rich, dynamic view of the complex conversation.

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