Corporate Graffiti Art

This is where we take your culture off the page and get it onto your walls in delightfully vibrant, large-scale living artwork where everyone can see it, love it and live it.

Bright bold words, insightful drawings and great design makes your vision, mission and values come alive to employees and visitors as they move through their day and workplace. We also do temporary Idea Walls at conferences, meetings and trade shows creating an attention-getting interactive environment.

We do this onsite for you in your workplace. It’s a powerful way to embed your values and beliefs daily into your employees’ hearts and minds.

We’ll bring your people together in a culture-mapping, visioning session, and then design and create your custom Idea Wall.

We also do temporary Idea Walls at conferences, meetings and trade shows, collecting the insights and ah-ha’s throughout the convening on giant walls that can be re-purposed afterward.

We did this for Salazar Jackson at a trade show where we successfully created a lot of booth traffic. You can read about it on our Client Stories page.

Got a dull blank wall that wants to be an Idea Wall?
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Here at Making Ideas Visible, we are inspired by people like you-- innovative thinkers, visionary leaders, creators and collaborators.

If you’ve got a meeting, conference, project, event or story to tell, we can help you think differently and launch your brilliant ideas into the world.

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