Graphic facilitation is our signature service–what we’re known for, but it’s not the only thing we do. Many clients come to us looking for visual note-taking and end up hiring us to design and facilitate their meeting as well as do the visual mapping. Or they have a project they need help strategizing about while making the output visual. Or or or…..people come to us with all kinds of IDEAS and we help them get their ideas out of their heads and into the world where they can make a difference.

What we do can be applied in so many different ways because it’s all about visual thinking–thinking differently– so that you can innovate, collaborate, manage conflict, plan for change, align, envision and get things done.

We are visual thinkers and strategists–experts at drawing connections and revealing bold new ideas. We engage in creative partnerships with our clients and design experiences with you based on your goals.

We have deep roots in the Art of Hosting community of practice and use processes like World Cafe and Open Space often, as well as tons of other tools.

When you’re ready to harness the collective intelligence of your people through meaningful and strategic conversation, AND bring their ideas to life in large-scale visualizations delivering clarity, cohesion and alignment—essentially mapping the way forward–we’re here for you.

We’ll create the possibility for something momentous to happen
— even something that could change the world.

Here are some of the ways we can work with you:

Graphic Facilitation

Visual Notetaking: Where we draw what your participants are saying at meetings & conferences.

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Strategy Unplugged

Strategic Planning is all about agility, creativity and innovation

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In-Studio Mapping

Visual Translation is where we take the dry boring stuff and turn them into engaging, dynamic visual maps.

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Meeting Design & Facilitation: Because we believe that meetings don't need to be boring or uninspired.

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Visual Thinking is us as your secret weapon when it’s time to develop a pitch or map out your approach to a proposal.

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Idea Walls

Corporate Graffiti: Taking your culture off the page and geting it onto your walls in delightfully vibrant, large-scale living artwork.

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Client Journey Mapping reveals what is missing, redundant, or could be improved.

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Idea Space

In-House Training because most of us are visual thinkers and we grasp things faster when we see them explained visually.

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Idea Scaping

Individual Coaching is strategic coaching around emergent ideas that gets to the root of it and illuminates the way forward.

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What if in 90 minutes you could go from confusion and overwhelm to having valuable insight as to why you’re stuck and momentum to move ahead on that brilliant idea of yours?

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