Childkind is an organization that works with foster children and foster families.

Julie spent time with the CEO who is an idea-generating machine, mapping out his ideas and determining which ones to focus on, before holding a strategy session with the rest of the staff.

One thing we discovered was that, while many of the staff knew about the mechanisms behind the foster-care system, the board and marketing department didn’t possess a full picture of the process. They wanted to know more of “the story” so they could market and fundraise successfully. We decided to map this out to help everyone visualize things more clearly and do their jobs more effectively.

We split participants into two separate groups to focus on process mapping two different areas of the business. One group looked at the child’s experience of the foster-care system—all the touch points they encounter–including the emotional pieces that comprise that journey. The other group looked at the experiences of the foster family.

Some incredibly moving realizations came out of this work.

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