What people are saying

You’re the easiest person I have worked with. Thanks!

Angela Kageni | Aidspan – Independent Observer of the Global Fund | aidspan.org
The visual facilitation was remarkable and a key component that helped drive home results. It was part of the foundation that kept the positive buzz of the Conference going amongst Conference attendees and the various media outlets.

Thank you for your exceptional contribution to the 2012 Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference. Your participation and expertise directly resulted in the success of the Conference tightly focused on innovation, collaboration and the 21st century global market.

The artistic service and value you provided was undeniably the best interpretation and documentation ever provided at the Conference. The visual facilitation was remarkable and a key component that helped drive home results. It was part of the foundation that kept the positive buzz of the Conference going amongst Conference attendees and the various media outlets. The Conference was greatly enhanced by your talents!

Julie, thank you again for your expertise and creative insight. I hope you share my excitement and gratitude of the accomplishments achieved with this year’s Conference. Let’s do it again next year!

Sandy Baruah | Detroit Regional Chamber | mpc.detroitchamber.com
I’m still blown away by the paparazzi snapping pictures of your work.

I’m still blown away by the paparazzi snapping pictures of your work. Everyone at the conference loved it. It was a huge hit. I haven’t worked with someone of your skill before. You have so much flexibility, a great sense of humor and you know how to adapt to a situation.

Joel Mills | American Institute of Architects | aia.org
Created buzz.

Your contribution was a great differentiator for us and created buzz for the Alliant Energy team around their corporate headquarters – something they acknowledged in the closing dialogue we had with them.

Michael Boyd | Accenture | accenture.com
Creative as well as entertaining.

I have been to Friendship Circle seminars in the past.  Julie’s presentation and coordination was most creative, as well as entertaining. I have walked away with lots of food for thought as well as concrete information.

Cheya Marozou | Friendship Circle Montreal | friendshipcircle.ca
I am ready to launch my business.

I worked with Julie for a year as my business planning coach.  She was instrumental in bringing my idea to life (literally on the page!) and in helping me work through the challenge of business planning.  Through Julie’s coaching, insights and recommendations I am ready to launch my business – and am doing so on a solid foundation thanks to her counsel.

For a year I have had the pleasure of receiving an updated wall size chart with my action items every quarter – both motivating and a great reminder of my goals.  I highly recommend Julie as your ‘coach with markers’ – she is a wonderful partner and motivator and just plain fun to be around!

Julie Wilson | Institute for the Future of Learning | juliemwilson.com
It was hard to figure out what to do next.

I had all these business ideas bouncing around in my head and found myself going around in circles. It was hard to figure out what I should do next. I saw a map Julie had created for another client and thought this was exactly the thing I needed.

I got a new vision for what my business could become.

I needed something visual, fun and an outside perspective, exactly what I got and more. Not only did she give me clarity, I got a new vision for what my business could become. I know EXACTLY what I need to be doing now and next steps to move toward.

Just having this one insight in relation to all the others made her work really valuable to me. I was surprised by how Julie manages to listen very intensely, while somehow drawing on this gigantic piece of paper, and connecting all of my ideas in real time in a way that makes sense.

I feel like someone laid out a clear roadmap.

The main benefit I got was clarity. I also feel inspired and motivated to take these next steps; I feel like someone saw my vision right along with me, and believes in it actually being possible, and has laid out a clear roadmap for what to do next. This was such an exciting, fun experience. Next time I’m feeling stuck in my own thoughts, I know who to call!

Kelly Parkinson |  Copylicious  |  copylicious.com
You were able to take the vision and bring it to a reality.

We developed this survey product and needed to sell the story conceptually. The PowerPoint we put together was stiff and factual, but didn’t have the visual punch, the wow factor we needed. You quickly were able to digest our business, capture that idea visibly and put it into some quotes that will connect and resonate with the people we’re going to pitch it to.

We have something tangible now.

A great piece for our sales people to use to open the door and get in front of potential customers. A very fun but factual, easy to understand way to demonstrate how we can bring these services to life for our clients and how valuable it is for them.

We’re going to use it as a marketing piece.

The artwork and handwriting has a nice feel and flow. It lets the images tell the story.

We are exactly where I want to be at this point, exactly!

David McAleese |  It’s the Experience  |  a-closer-look.com
The connections I couldn’t see before I can see now.

This is what amazes me…you’re able to grab the key idea and draw something that’s relatively simple and grab the essence of something.

You helped me understand the whole picture.

All the things that were jumbling around in my head, I understand better how they interact. You helped me work out stuff along the way — what was important, what was a sticking point, and ideas for dealing with both. That makes me feel more in control. I now have do-able things that will make a difference. On top of that, there’s the MAP! A personal visual reminder of the session.

It was really fun, really enjoyable. I feel much calmer but more excited.

With other coaching I’ve felt like there’s a bunch of stuff I know I should be doing and I haven’t done it and it’s felt a little uncomfortable and slightly guilty. This didn’t do that. I felt like it was going in the right direction, a map going forward and not a task list. I’m going to put it on my wall in my office and say look you’re doing that thing again, hey, baby steps. I definitely see it as something I will check back with to remember the things that I need to do.

Fi Bowman |  aurora-textile-studio.com
You’re the exclamation point!

World cafes are about not coming to conclusions but about asking questions. In the business world that’s uncomfortable. Your work helps to provide the summary that they can’t get otherwise. There’s no end of the sentence unless they have you.

Gia Interlandi |  Teaching the art of leadership  |  leadershipconservatory.com
I’m a horrible note taker at conferences.

We put a lot of stock into qualitative information. We don’t get that from evaluation forms. How often do we read these conference reports or read the notes? We’re supposed to build on ideas that come out of the meeting and how well we do that depends on how we collect and disseminate the information.

You captured every key concept and element almost like you had read the notes beforehand.
With your visual concept maps you get the meat of what happened. It’s a visual record.

Angela Moore, MPH |  Division of Cancer Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control  |  www.cdc.gov

Initially, in the realm of concerns or worries, I didn’t know how the participants would react. Would they think it was frivolous? And actually it was wonderful.

It delighted the mind. I overheard lots of people talking to you about your work. They were fascinated.

I am eager for us to be able to do it again. I wouldn’t want to do a Future Search without it ever. We’re going to build you into our overall cost.

Marybeth Fidler |  Fidler Consulting & Executive Coaching
You’re like a magnet pulling out the most important points.

In an all day meeting, it’s really useful because no one can pay attention all day long except for you! They can stay on task and have something to look at. They are reminded that real gems are coming at them.

A fabulous leave behind

You capture succinctly and visually in a way that creates a fabulous leave behind that’s very useful for them. Your maps capture the big points and are a catalyst for their future thoughts.

Patricia Sunderland |  Doing Anthropology in Consumer Research  |  practicagroup.com
No comparison to a flip chart

You created images that captured our complicated thought processes. The combination of words and graphics enabled us to return to earlier discussions throughout the conference and to bring latecomers up to speed. During breaks, a couple of participants could be seen discussing different aspects of the meeting and new ideas generated by reflecting on our shared insights, brilliantly documented in a single image.

Your documentation gave us immediate feedback that we could use during the meeting. There is no comparison between this method of documenting a collective thought process and the conventional flip chart.

Brooke Ackerly |  Associate Professor, Political Science
Vanderbilt University, Global Feminisms Collaboration  |  vanderbilt.edu/psci/ackerly

In a three-day Future Search process, the information and knowledge builds and collects incrementally. Eight groups doing several sheets of flip charts for every task leaves tons of notes on the walls–too many–it can get very overwhelming.

We wanted the work to stay on the walls in a delightful and coherent way. That’s exactly what you did.

Marybeth Fidler |  Fidler Consulting & Executive Coaching

It was so helpful to have someone else listen to me talk and be in charge of pulling out themes and ideas.

All I had to do was blather on–a skill at which I excel, if I do say so myself.

Julie recognized that things I thought were just weird little things my mind did could actually be things that help other people as offerings from Cranky Fibro Girl-land.

And she helped me see that, even though I am sick, I still matter. And I still contribute. Because when she was done, all that was in my mind turned out to be very good. And WAY cooler than I thought. And valuable.

Jenny Ryan |  JennyRyan.com

Thank you again for your extraordinary work.

I can’t tell you what a buzz it has created!

Katherine Ebner |  The Nebo Company

Thank you SO MUCH for making my ideas visible! You are beyond fabulous at your chosen work!

The whole process was more than I expected and exactly what I needed. Now I clearly SEE what my next steps are and I’m really excited to take them – land of milk and honey here I come!

Lisa Bourdon

You pulled information out of me without me even knowing it was happening

– it was organic, easy, conversational, healing and energizing. I went back to my corner of the world ready to tackle the goals you helped me set today with a clear vision of what I’m trying to build and accomplish. I am confident that the resulting mural now hanging on my office wall will serve a key role in getting me to where I want to be.

Dana Reeves

Ultimately she does what no-one else can do; to help you identify what makes you ‘you.’

The best 100 minutes of creative facilitation I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of (and the next booking is already being penciled into my diary). Julie has a talent to help you open your mind, direct your passion and ultimately she does what no-one else can do; to help you identify what makes you ‘you’. She is a unique experience.

Geoff Major |  Blue Ducks Limited

Your session on Authentic Branding alone was worth flying from San Diego

to be here at IFVP. You helped me think about what I want to share with “my peeps.” You gave me tools for staying true to myself in the process and sparked tremendous insight.

Jeannel King |  Process Arts and Facilitation

Graphic facilitation is such a boon to idea-storming and planning.

Your background is astounding and so helpful to activist and non-profit groups who need to powerfully but simply convey their message to urge support and action on key, and often life-altering, subjects. Graphic facilitation is such a boon to idea-storming and planning.

Andrea Williams |  Fresh Start Creative

You knew just how to make the ideas and discussion sing.

Your work provided a focal point for continued exchanges of ideas even after the panel had concluded and it is still a catalyst for discussion.

Liz York |  Centers for Disease Control