The University of Georgia

The Red & The Black student newspaper

The Red & The Black independent student newspaper at the University of Georgia had experienced a huge amount of conflict and turmoil the summer before Making Ideas Visible was called in—student editors abandoned their positions, the paper almost didn’t get published. There was such a deep sense of distrust between the board, publishers, and editors alike that the conflict was written up in the New York Times.

Instead of addressing any conflict head on, we spent the first of two, four-hour long meetings scoping out the challenges facing the journalism industry as a way of getting everyone in the room and talking to each other. The paper, like so many others, was struggling to figure out its relevancy in a digital world.

In the second meeting, participants wrote down in the form of a question the things they wanted to discuss on sticky notes. After categorizing these into four key areas, we divided everyone up into four small groups—each one of which then withdrew to discuss its assigned issue.

By airing their grievances in this manner and figuring out robust strategies to deal with them, everyone realized they were all on the same team and the situation improved drastically.

This is a great example of how Strategy Unplugged can assist with conflict resolution and crisis intervention.  We’d love to help you. Get in touch here.