Salazar Jackson

At an emerging technology conference in Miami Beach this innovative law firm that works with young tech companies wanted to set itself apart in the trade show booth area of the conference so they hired us to write on the walls of their booth each day of the conference.

With two big empty white walls and premade floor with our drawings printed onto it, we started each day with a question for visitors to respond to. The first: How do we make Miami a vibrant tech hub? Throughout the day people gave us ideas, which we translated into images on the wall gradually filling the entire wall. People would come back repeatedly to see what had emerged.

The second question: What’s your big idea and how can we help? Entrepreneurs of all kinds gave us ideas they wanted to start working on. For Salazar Jackson it was a great way for them to set themselves apart as a law firm that really listens, collaborates and has a creative approach with their clients. They created an engaging space to have a huge amount of conversations with potential clients who wouldn’t normally come to a boring typical tradeshow booth. And our booth was so dynamic it was feature in the Miami Herald news story about the event.

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