Fund for Theological Exploration

What a juicy four days Julie spent with about 100 participants who are youth leaders considering a career in ministry at a time when the church as an institution is undergoing deep change. We used many of the processes from the Art of Hosting practice the Living & Dying systems model as it was laid out full scale on the floor. Participants walked the model then chose the place where they felt most affinity for in their life and spoke poignantly from that place about how it felt to be there. For this group, there were a lot of people in compost–tilling the soil, waiting for new seeds to emerge. To read the map: the explanation of the system is in black lettering, participant response in blue.

The other visual maps are from keynotes exploring topics such as discovering who you are, the intersection of work and purpose, and comparisons between the church and gangs from a former gang member who is now a minister. Very rich content to work with.

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