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The City’s Best Businesses & the People Who Lead Them

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When I Grow Up, I Wanna Love What I Do, May 2014
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how she really does itHow She Really Does It Podcast, March 2014
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The New York Times, October 2012
Postcard: A Climate Communication Retreat in the North Carolina Hills
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The Green Grok, September 2012
Climate Conundrum:  Invoking a Pause
Article Link | PDF, June 2012
Sketching Economic Development
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Grist, June 2011
Five provocative ways to think about cities & neighborhoods
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Harvard Business Review, September 2010
Vision Statement: Tired of PowerPoint? Try This Instead
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Leadership Strategies, March 2011 Are your meetings missing the magic?
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Planetizen, January 2011
Urban Planning’s Civic Deadend
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Bridge Consulting International
Unleashing Creativity in a Complex World
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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, December 2010
Das Ende der Powerpoint Parade
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Presentations and workshops

The Right-Brainers In Business Video Summit, March 2011
Crafting Your Visions and Values: Why it’s crucial to have a vision for your business & why having it in pictures can give you an edge
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Third Hand Works Guest Guide Series, January 2010
Mapping Your Business with Visual Thinker Julie Stuart
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Be A Beacon – Personal Branding with David Cohen, May 2010
Blog Talk Radio Interview with David Cohen
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How She Really Does It, September 2009
Podcast Interview with Karen Motekaitis
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Julie Stuart bio

The revolution will not be televised–but it could be visually mapped, laminated, overnighted, mounted on a wall, and used to ignite a movement once Julie Stuart gets involved.

Recognized in Harvard Business Review for her graphic facilitation work before anyone could agree on what to call it, Julie has visually facilitated high-stakes meetings for such clients as Accenture, GE Energy, the American Institute for Architects, and the Center for Disease Control. Part strategist, part business truth-teller, part idea taxonomist, part champion of insights, Julie combines the right questions with a few well-placed scribbles to envision what’s really possible for her clients–and to map out how to make what matters happen.

Years ago, when facing a choice between creativity, business, and world-changing, she chose all of the above, finding a new kind of art in bringing change agents’ ideas out of them. She’s never met a good cause she didn’t love. (Ask her about those 73 acres of trees in her hometown–free at last!)

With a Masters in Fine Art, an undergrad in political science and a background in teaching, public policy, journalism, non-profit management, and environmental science, Julie’s résumé has come to resemble one of her visual maps. To complete the picture, just add her three great passions: sailboats, ice skating and photography. It really is all connected, you see.

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Phone: (770) 329-4213