Does your big vision need clarity?

Have you lost sight of the big picture? Graphic facilitation can help.

My visual and creative facilitation is not just about dynamically recording the flow of conversation and ideas (although this alone can transform a meeting from ordinary to extraordinary.) I’ll be your partner in clarifying the big vision, creating an energized exchange, and following through to achieve tangible results.

I can help if you are:

Someone tasked with putting together a meeting, summit or strategy session:

  • By shouldering the responsibility to plan, design and facilitate a successful meeting.
  • Delivering a “right-brained” meeting that’s highly productive and fun.
  • Facilitating leaps of group imagination and problem-solving.
  • Contributing a ton of knowledge on environmental and sustainability issues — my special focus.
  • Bringing the spark that charges each participant to give their best.

A management or change process consultant:

  • By providing a framework for your team to engage and make decisions faster.
  • Clearly illuminating the options so you can see a way forward.
  • Helping your visual learners (hint: a majority of us) absorb more information.
  • Creating a living document that you can use as an implementation road map.

A facilitator building a team:

  • By partnering with you to deliver a meeting that wows your client.
  • Energetically holding a space for people to be themselves.
  • Bringing a performance element that captures attention.
  • Being the deep listener in the room.

The Johnnetta B. Cole Institute, a premier thought leader on diversity and inclusion in the workplace, brought corporate leaders from Fortune 100 companies together to have a World Café on what it means to have Courageous Conversations.

A professional event/meeting planner:

  • By adding a remarkable, memorable component that gets people buzzing.
  • Crafting a visual experience that blows PowerPoint away.
  • Taking official event notes that capture the dynamic exchange of ideas.
  • Providing a unique takeaway (murals in digital format) that you can use in follow-up or promotional materials.

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