It’s a partnership. We'll be a team.

When you’re putting together a dynamic human experience (which is what a meeting is) there are a lot of moving parts. I’ve been involved with countless deliberative meetings. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, and I have more than a few magic tricks for your toolbox.

Let’s connect early in the project and build our partnership.

We’ll design the experience collaboratively to serve your needs, dynamics and desires. Together, we’ll realize your goals of meaningful dialogue, strategic deliberation and positive outcomes. We’ll create the space for something momentous — even something that could change the world.

It doesn’t end with the meeting

Lots of people lose momentum at this point, but we won’t. We’re going to carry those brilliant ideas out of the meeting and into the world, and it starts with a living document, the visual map we create together.

At the Georgia Center for Nonprofits conference, I graphically facilitated key ideas of a World Café brainstorm, giving participants a container for the hundreds of thoughts that poured out

But, what makes me the right partner for you?

I’m passionate about creating an energized, change-motivated experience filled with discovery and tangible results. I bring an energetic spark to your meeting (ahem, our meeting) by adding visual engagement, performance, movement, color, imagination, large-scale thinking, collaboration, play, connection, clarity, order and synthesis.

More than anything, I bring a desire to see your shiny idea launched into a world that desperately needs it.

Got more questions? Check out my FAQ page for answers.

If you’re ready for that kind of partner, email me.