The brilliant ideas you need are already in the room. We help you activate them.

Here at Making Ideas Visible, we are inspired by people like you. Difference-makers. Innovators. Thoughtful, dynamic leaders who are passionate about creating positive change wherever you can make your mark — from your team, to your company, to your neighbourhood or around the globe.

We are business strategists and visual thinkers on a mission to help your team or organization think better so you can innovate and create change. We’re experts at drawing connections and unearthing the bold new ideas that are already right there, in the brilliant minds of your people.

We bring advanced graphic facilitation skills, deep business strategy, as well as visual & systems thinking to help your team think better so you can realize your goals.

We create the space for better ideas, for something momentous to emerge– something that can change your business…or even something that can change the world.

As meeting designers & facilitators, we specialize in creating engaging & powerful experiences that allow people to have deep conversations that actively contribute value toward a goal.

As strategists, we help you outline where you want to go – mapping out possible scenarios and charting the steps forward.

As visionaries, we use our insight and intuition to give your ideas shape and color so others can see them and get them.

We offer fresh eyes, ears, and perspective. We gently hold you to the task at hand and lead in a way that creates an atmosphere where breakthroughs can happen.

As systems thinkers, we can see the whole picture as well as the details and how everything connects.

As provocateurs, we will name the elephant in the room or address those things hidden in plain sight. We poke the system and challenge the status quo so that you can revel in the thrill of creating something completely new.


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Karyn Knight Detering

Graphic recorder & graphic facilitator

Leah Silverman

Graphic recorder & graphic design

Sue Keeley

Graphic recorder, template & information graphics
devotee, visual coach & book illustrator

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Karyn has effectively used visual communication to develop ideas and concepts for more that twenty-three years and has been a graphic recorder and graphic facilitator for thirteen years,

Initially trained as an interior designer, Karyn coupled this dynamic skill with her passion for education & training and returned to school for a postgraduate in Art & Design Education.

After graduating, Karyn moved to Africa to work at the Botswana College of Education lecturing in design education. She followed her work in Africa with a volunteer assignment in the West Indies.

In 1999 Karyn was introduced to graphic facilitation and since then has been combining her wealth of experience and formal training to provide clients with creative ways to communicate their ideas and concepts.

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Leah is a knowledge worker and graphic designer with an emphasis on illustration, computer graphics and graphic recording. As a graphic recorder Leah captures thoughts, ideas, and experiences in real time through images and text. She’s recently completed a couple of projects where she’s drawn caricature portraits of participants to much acclaim.

Leah’s background includes being the design manager and event planner for LaunchCyte, LLC, a biotech development company, where she created logos, brochures, business plans, and websites for the company and its portfolio startups.

When not working, she spends time drawing in her art studio at home in Pittsburgh. Gardening, antiquing and doing home improvement projects with her husband and dogs is her idea of a vacation.

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Sue’s background as a teacher, alumni director and association manager means she brings a rich understanding of people and collaboration into her work as a graphic recorder and visual coach.

Transformation has been a key theme in Sue’s life and this is something she brings to her work with both individuals and teams. She specializes in helping people find the clarity they need to move forward in both new and powerful ways.

Sue’s clients have described her as an indispensable creative partner. She has a quiet, graceful energy that enables groups the space to dig deeper and come up with innovative ideas.

Based just outside of Milwaukee, one of Sue’s favorite pastimes is to head up to her lake house for fun weekends on the water with family.

Nancy McCauley

Visual practitioner, illustrator & cartoonist

Jen Falci

Virtual assistant extraordinaire

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Nancy has over twenty years of professional experience in project management, business process improvement change management, group facilitation and training. She is a skilled illustrator who sells and licenses artwork for business communications, product designs, children’s book illustrations and personalized products.

Nancy’s doodles help convey information and ideas in a clever, simple and engaging manner to accelerate learning and understanding. Her listening skills, collaborative approach, business acumen and innovative thinking make her our go-to person for illustrating our clients documents and ideas in the studio.

Nancy lives in Chicago with her husband, two sons and dog.

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Jen is our indefatigable, perpetually helpful assistant who coordinates the behind-the-scenes logistics of our work. She gets our supplies shipped to where they need to be, manages our travel itineraries, sorts the paperwork and a myriad of other administrative details. She is the support system behind the team. And we love her.

You will too.